Wedding Catering Trends 2016

June 23, 2016 - Organizing a catering meal

At first sight, the luxurious wedding seems much like any other wedding in Cupertino; the groom in Scottish Cashmere from London’s legendary Savile Row ; the bride in ivory satin, narrowed at the waist; a string quartet calmly fingering Poulenc and Schuman.
But take a closer look and you’ll notice the caterer on high alert and ready to offer gluten-free, organic, free-range, peanut-neutral, non-pesticide, vegan, kosher and locavore dishes. Yes, this isn’t your grandmother’s wedding menu; it isn’t even your sisters!
The Evolution of the Wedding Menu
From family-style menus to veggie-centric plates, it’s no secret that wedding menus are getting more complex than ever. Not only do people want egg-free, meat-free and even mango-free weddings, but every bride and groom seem to have a guest who is allergic to nuts. What’s more, with the rise of the foodie culture, most guests feel entitled to restaurant-quality food at weddings, meaning a nice piece of filet, a baked potatoes and some salad just won’t cut it anymore.
Plus, although no one is keeping statistics of this escalating trend, experts suggest that it’s not a passing fad but a clear indication of people’s changing attitudes towards food. In fact, as people become more health-conscious, the trend towards cutting-edge wedding menus is expected to maintain a steady rise.
So what’s trending in 2016 wedding menus? Palo Alto Catering Company talked to top Cupertino catering services to determine what wedding attendees will be salivating over at 2016 and it’s looking good.Have a bite!
Top 3 Trends for Wedding Menus 2016
#3. Adventurous TastesDon’t be surprised if you are asked to forage in autumn leaves for delicacies when you attend a wedding this year. The thing is, clients are becoming more fearless, particularly when it comes to food. Consequently, Cupertino catering services are responding to this by engaging their audience’s senses through visual triggers, textured serving vessels and scents. Think of it as re-presentation; the foods are what you have all seen in the past but they’re represented in fun and different ways. After all, by re-creating the presentation, the food you love can be re-loved!
#2. Healthy EatingI can’t believe I’m saying this but apparently the time for butter and cream is behind us. Turns out people are watching their waists even when partying! Nonetheless, fresh, local and seasonal ingredients are fast becoming an expectation rather than a trend as wedding plates get even greener and fresher. For the hearty eaters, however, the clean eating trend doesn’t mean bacon is going out of style; it only means you can have the best of both worlds. Think Applewood smoked bacon, dill pickle and Bison Beef paired with the elegant taste of aged Cheddar, wrapped in a soft pierogi shell. Feeling hungry?
#3. Interactive Food StationsLong gone are the days when chefs used to stay tucked in a corner doing their magic, today, people want to actually see them creating the dishes in front of them. From custom stir fry stations to crepe stations, 2016 will see more chefs step out from the kitchen and into the spotlight to delight your guests. But perhaps the best part of this trend is that it creates an air of intimacy at wedding events allowing the guests and chef to dialogue and enrich their participation.
Evidently, it’s going to be a great year for weddings. And although the cost for larger, more skilled catering Cupertino staff, as well as high-quality ingredients, will affect wedding menus significantly, making the more expensive by at least 5-10%, you can’t really put a price on good memories, can you?
Do you have any other predictions for wedding menus this year? Let us know in the comments below.