Diet Accommodating or Gluten-Free Catering for Guests with Dietary Requirements or Restrictions

June 5, 2016 - Catering a Party

Food is always important in events or gatherings, but it might be a bit
tricky to prepare the foods to serve if you have a bunch of figure conscious
guests. If you need to organize a party
with guests that are known for being too careful with the food they eat to
avoid gaining weight, then it is best to hire one of the gluten free caterers. There are many gluten-free catering services almost everywhere
and there are some in Palo Alto, California.
Every event organizer wants to make sure that everyone will find the gathering
spectacular. An organizer needs to make sure
that all the guests will enjoy their food.

Aside from the figure conscious or diet conscious guests, there are also guests
who are lactose-intolerant or with various food allergies. It is safer to hire one of the diet accommodating caterers
that exactly knows the kinds of food to prepare for your guests and don’t take
chances with a caterer that has limited or no experience in preparing allergy-free dishes. Taking the dietary needs or
restrictions of guests into consideration can help make the guests feel cherished, and expect it to contribute a lot to the event’s success.

Knowing the Dietary Requirements of your Important Guests

An effective event organizer takes the initiative to learn the dietary requirements
of the guests before hiring a caterer. You
can find out by asking the staff, colleagues, workers, or a reliable source of
information if you can’t ask the person directly. If most of the guests have issues regarding the
food they eat, then you need to hire an efficient diet accommodating caterer. There are lots of caterers in and around Palo
Alto, but not all of them are considered diet accommodating caterers.

However, it is advisable to directly ask the guest if he or she follows a special
diet. You can also ask the guests using
the event’s invitations. Make a note telling
the guests to inform you immediately of any dietary requirements that they

If you know that a certain guest has dietary restrictions, then you will be
able to communicate it with the caterer.
The caterer that you plan to hire will have ample time to plan the dishes
to prepare.

If you want to make sure that your guests will enjoy savoring the dishes without
feeling guilty, then it is advisable to consider the gluten-free catering service. Such caterer knows the
kind of dishes to prepare and how to prepare them without sacrificing the taste.

Things to Take Note

If you have guests with specific dietary requirements, restrictions, or
requests, then you need to inform the banquet staff about the meal that must be
served or offered to a specific guest. The
staff can make the right food recommendations to guests who watch their weight
and also inform them that the foods being offered are gluten-free.

It is important to keep the menu option simple so it won’t be difficult to
prepare something for the guest with dietary restrictions or requirements.

It is also advisable to label the food items and the staff should confirm or
double check for possible food allergens or cross contamination.

Whether you hire one of the diet accommodating or gluten free caterers,
always make sure that your guests will enjoy their meal and make them thankful that
they have attended an amazing event.