Choosing a Mexican Catering: Tips and Tricks-

June 14, 2016 - Catering Tips

Planning a Mexican themed party are all about the vibrant colors, the sound of Banjo, and all the happy dancing, but it won’t be complete without great Mexican cuisine. Sure, anyone can make their tacos and burritos, but getting an authentic Mexican food catering service can be the difference between a great party or a dull one.

Many Mexican caterers are available, with so many restaurants serving Mexican food. Yet, choosing the right one can be a daunting task, with every each one of them seemingly promoting to be ‘the best’.

Here are some tips to help you decide right when catering Mexican food.

Choosing1. Decide on Your Budget
Consider how many people will be attending your party, how many dishes are you going to serve. Do you need desserts?
After you get a precise number of guests, decide on how much are you willing to spend in total. When you do need to do a budget cut, make a list of priorities of what you can compromise.
Can you do with fewer alcohols? or fewer desserts?
2. Scouting Potential Mexican Caterers
After you decide on your budget and have a rough estimate of how many guests, dishes, etc., it’s time to scout for a Mexican caterer. A thing to look for in a caterer’s website is whether they’re transparent and upfront with their cost, displaying their menu and prices right on top. A great caterer will also help you decide on the things you never realize you’ll need, like the need to add servers and bartenders, extra glass to rent, etc. One such example of a great caterer website is
3. Evaluate Your Potential CaterersAfter you choose several potential Mexican caterers, evaluate several essential criteria; Most Mexican caterers offer food tasting so that you can judge the food quality. How is their level of professionalism? Cleanliness? any Add-ons you’ll need? Reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers also might help you.
If you can arrange meetings and food tastings before choosing one Mexican catering, make sure you make a list of questions and requests you might need to ask them. It’s better to discuss things up front.
The key to choosing the right one is getting the most of your budget, by balancing between quality and costs. Yes, you can always get the cheapest Mexican caterer right off the bat, but at what cost?
4. Make a Contract
After you decide on your Mexican caterer, make sure you have a written agreement with all the relevant points listed, including costs, food quantity, the types of food that will be served, etc.
If you have unusual requests that have been agreed on by the caterer, make sure it’s put in writing.
If you both have agreed upon terms of payment, make sure it’s also clearly written so it won’t add confusion later on.
A party is not only about food. There’s the decorations, the songs, the speeches, and the crowds. But food is the one thing people remember. Do you still remember the detail of the decor of the last party you attend? Or the speeches? But I’m sure you still remember that party with the culinary disaster.
People will talk about how awful the food in a party for weeks, but they will also remember great ones. That’s why choosing the right Mexican catering is important for your Mexican themed party.