5 Tips for Finding the Best BBQ Caterers

June 1, 2016 - Dishes

BBQ catering is one of the highest demanded types of catering for many outdoor and warm weather events. This includes events like outdoor weddings, company picnics, festivals, and many other types of occasions. Despite the demand, not every caterer offers barbecue catering. When you find one that does, you need to be sure that they are equipped to provide a high quality barbeque catering experience. Here are 5 tips for finding the best BBQ caterers in Palo Alto, or anywhere.

1. Make Sure They Have the Right Equipment

In order to cook an excellent BBQ, a caterer needs high quality grills and smokers. Many excellent BBQ caterers will cook their meat on a standard outdoor drill, and also use a smoker box to provide extra flavor. The caterer will also need all of the necessary utensils like tongs, long forks, scrapers, and brushes. You do not need to get a detailed list of all of their equipment, but make sure they have the basics for your meal.

2. Find Out The Type Of Meat They Use

If you want a delicious barbecue, it starts with delicious meat. There is no substitute for the use of high quality ingredients. A caterer should be able to explain the types of meats that they use and where they obtain them from. Again, you do not need to know every detail, but you want to make sure they will be providing a good quality.

3. Find Out How They Will Prepare The Meal

The key here is that you want them to start the smoking process early. Remember, it takes about 4-5 hours to properly smoke meat. This means that the barbecue caterers need to start preparing the food several hours before it is needed. There are many different ways to smoke it, but you want to be sure that the caterer is willing to devote the time necessary to ensure you have a successful event.

4. Ask About the Sauce

The flavor of the sauce is second only to the quality of the meat in a BBQ experience. With BBQ catering, the caterer should frequently apply sauce to the meat with a brush. You should ask to taste the sauce in advance to determine if it is to your liking. Great sauce can make a barbecue, but lousy sauce can completely ruin it. Make sure that your caterer uses a sauce that you like.

5. Find Out What Options They Offer

Even though your plan is to have delicious BBQ there will be guests who attend your event that have specific dietary restrictions. You want to be sure that the barbeque catering company you choose offers vegetarian choices as well as meat. You do not want to have any guests who feel like they are being left out.

BBQ catering is a great addition to any outdoor event. But you need to be sure that you choose the right caterer to ensure everyone has a great time. If you follow these 5 tips, you will be able to find the best barbecue caterers for your specific needs. If you are interested in BBQ catering for your next event in the Palo Alto area, consider contacting us today. We have many delicious barbecue catering options to exceed your expectations.