5 Simple Steps To Hire The Best Catering Staff

June 7, 2016 - Dishes

Are you organizing a party or an event?
Are you looking for the best catering staff? Well, you will be happy to known
that in Palo Alto there are some really good catering companies. However, you
need to put a little effort to hire
servers for the event. Catering is more than just the food. You also need likable
caterers with a good personality. The last thing you need is a weirdo serving drinks
in your party, it will just kill the mood. So how can you land the perfect
caterer? Here are five simple steps to take.

Begin Your Search

Finding the right caterer for
your event will take time. You will need to go through a number of potential catering
services, assess their capabilities, and finally decide which catering staff
you want at your party. This is not something you can do in a matter of hours. In
that case, give yourself a head start and begin looking around immediately you’ve
set the date for the party. This will allow you the time needed to choose a caterer
that meets your needs.

Compare Costs

Different caterers in Palo Alto
charge different rates for their services. The high end companies tend to be a little
expensive compared to the others. However, the amount of money you will pay to hire catering staff will depend on the
kind of party you have in mind. The best way to find the best deal is to compare
costs and see which companies offer the greatest value at the best price. This will
in the end ensure you don’t overpay for a service.

Asses The
Company’s Portfolio

You may also have to critically
look at the catering company’s portfolio before deciding to hire bartenders. This will include a
list of clients they have served before. Focus on catering companies that have some
pedigree in this space. In most cases, you will find companies that have worked
with many customers before have the ability to adapt to your needs easily. Ultimately,
this will almost guarantee a pleasant experience during the party or the event.

Pick The Best Two

After taking a look at the portfolios
of the caterers you plan to hire, choose the top two options that you feel meet
your standard. Your decision should be influenced by the company’s portfolio, previous
experience and of course the cost. The golden rule is to always choose a company
that has enough capacity to meet the catering demands of your party.

Organize A Small

Organizing a small interview with
the catering services before the
event will help you to know them personally. Ask yourself whether you see yourself
having a good relationship with them during the party or event. Additionally, assess
how well they might relate with the guests and their overall impression. Try and
limit your choices to likable caterers who have the ability to mingle confidently
with people.

If you want to hire event staff for any party, then you
will find the simple steps above very helpful. Besides, they are all quite
simple and easy to follow.